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This Material Is Lamborghini's Secret Weapon

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This Material Is Lamborghini's Secret Weapon

Short | 01:57

In its quest for its lightest car ever, Lamborghini has turned to a new material for its latest model, the Huracan.

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It's the most famous bull in the automotive industry, a brand that is synonymous with high-performance exclusivity. Since 1963, Lamborghini has chased one dream: to build exotic, handcrafted, high-end Italian machines for the ultra-wealthy. Their latest machine, the Huracan, is a 610-horsepower beast, with a top speed of 202 mph and the ability to blast from 0-60 in just 2.5 seconds. Witness its creation and the major risks and challenges the company faced to bring this sleek, stealth, $256,000 supercar from the factory to the fast lane.

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