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This Magnificent Elephant's Unusual Skin Care Regimen

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»Elephant Intelligence

This Magnificent Elephant's Unusual Skin Care Regimen

Short | 00:57

Elephants don't have a thick coat of fur to shield them from the sun's rays. So how do they protect their skin? Caretakers at Smithsonian's National Zoo show us their unusual skin care regimen. #ZooQs

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While Asian elephants are known to be intelligent creatures, caretakers at Smithsonian's National Zoo are embarking on a new study to prove just how smart they are. In doing so, they put Kandula, a young pachyderm born and raised at the zoo, to the test... and the results are fascinating. Join the team at the National Zoo as they examine the problem-solving powers of their Asian elephants. By shedding new light on the minds of these critically endangered animals currently losing their natural habitats, they hope to raise awareness worldwide.

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