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This Is What 'Moving Day' Means for a Houseboat

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»Floating Fortresses

This Is What 'Moving Day' Means for a Houseboat

Short | 01:33

Couple Wim and Carin are moving 70 miles north to the Dutch town of Groningen. But this is no ordinary move: their new home will be pulled by boat along narrow waterways the whole time.

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A team of engineers is on a mission to build and sail seven floating homes across the Netherlands, from a factory in Urk to a new waterborne community 70 miles away. The route, however, proves to be an obstacle course of boat traffic, unexpected swells, and low bridges, not to mention precarious cranes and narrow country roads when they reach stretches of land along the way. Will these luxury dream homes make it to their destination undamaged? Take a ride through a maze of Dutch riverbanks and waterways to find out.

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