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This Is the Only Color Photo of the First Atomic Explosion

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This Is the Only Color Photo of the First Atomic Explosion

Short | 04:29

With more than 405,000 American casualties and Japan rejecting unconditional surrender, the United States begins testing the atomic bomb in New Mexico. This is some of the only footage recorded of these powerful tests.


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The key scientists of the Manhattan Project. The pilot who navigated Enola Gay over its target. The man who broke the news to Truman that the bomb had been dropped. And the citizens of Hiroshima who somehow survived to see their city obliterated. These are the stories of August 6, 1945, the day that launched the atomic age, told by the people who were there. Through their heroic, harrowing, and heartbreaking accounts, we relive the tragic day that hastened the end of a war and changed the world forever.

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