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Rise of the Supercarrier:

This Fighter Plane Landing Has Never Been Attempted

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»Pushing the Limits

This Fighter Plane Landing Has Never Been Attempted

Short | 03:47

The F-35B is designed to stop in midair before landing vertically on an aircraft carrier, using immense downward thrust. What?s never been attempted before is a shipborne rolling vertical landing ? until now.

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It's the final weeks of HMS Queen Elizabeth's first deployment and things are ramping up. Test pilots must try a risky, never-before-attempted method of landing the F-35B Lightning and launch weapons from the aircraft for the first time. The supercarrier will finish her four-month mission in a spectacular fashion by docking in New York Harbor, where she will transform from a warship to a floating embassy, a conference center, and a concert hall for the VIPs and dignitaries of America.

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