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The Weapon Hunter:

This Deceptive Vehicle Destroyed Hitler's Tanks

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»Tank Destroyer

This Deceptive Vehicle Destroyed Hitler's Tanks

Short | 01:19

Tanks played a special role during WWII. They were used to support infantry and packed quite the punch. This tank, however, is not your ordinary tank. In fact, it's not a tank at all.

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Host Paul Shull has been invited by his friend, a military enthusiast and mechanic, to assist him on a once in a lifetime project: to rebuild the incredibly rare Achilles Tank Destroyer. This World War II warrior was built for speed and power, able to cruise at over 30 MPH and armed with a 17-pound gun that could rip through virtually anything in its path. Witness the reconstruction of this historic weapon, one that will require many hours of labor and hunting for parts in order to get this heroic beast back on her treads.

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