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Mystic Britain:

This Burial Site Near Stonehenge was Packed with Arrows

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»Secrets of Stonehenge

This Burial Site Near Stonehenge was Packed with Arrows

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One of the most iconic burial sites in Britain was discovered in Amesbury, near Stonehenge: the Amesbury Archer. The archer got his name from the amount of arrow heads found in his grave.


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    Oct 19
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    Oct 30

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Ancient Britons built a huge circle using stones that had been dragged 180 miles from Wales 5,000 years ago. 500 years later, they introduced the mighty sarsen stones, creating the Stonehenge we know today. All these years later, questions still remain: who built it and why? Is it magical? A religious temple? A celestial clock? Was it built by druids? By Merlin? Hosts Clive Anderson and Mary-Ann Ochota are determined to get answers and reveal the hidden secrets of the stones.

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