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This Baby Orangutan Needs Treatment for Her Asthma

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This Baby Orangutan Needs Treatment for Her Asthma

Short | 02:25

Baby Wine (pronounced WEE-NAY) is an orphan at the Nyaru Menteng school for orangutans, in Borneo. If she is to be released back into the wild, she?ll need treatment for her asthma.

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A team has spent two days working to capture 18 orangutans from a pre-release island so they can continue their journey back to the wild. It's not always an easy task. At 200 pounds, 16-year-old Kasper is the king of the island, and he's not willing to give up his crown without a fight. The stakes are high: with the strength of seven men, an irate orangutan is not a charge to be taken lightly.

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