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An American Aristocrat's Guide to Great Estates:

This 19th Century Heiress Almost Squandered Her Wealth

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»Eastnor Castle

This 19th Century Heiress Almost Squandered Her Wealth

Short | 03:41

In the 19th century, Lady Henry Somerset was the mistress of Eastnor Castle, and a very wealthy woman. Soon, however, she would embark on a spending spree that would bring her estate to the brink of bankruptcy.


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More About This episode

Eastnor Castle is one of Britain's grandest private residences and an estate that has been home to one family for over 400 years. While the current owners honor the estate's past, they must also look towards its future to stay relevant and profitable in the 21st century. Join host Julie Montagu, Viscountess Hinchingbrooke as she visits heiress to the estate Imogen Hervey-Bathurst for an all-access look at the 97-room castle, the history of its past tenants, and the inventive initiatives being taken to meet the financial demands of modern day.

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