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This 1947 Discovery Revolutionized Biblical History

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»The Copper Scroll

This 1947 Discovery Revolutionized Biblical History

Short | 02:25

In 1947, a group of Bedouins were exploring caves near the Dead Sea when they stumbled across an ancient set of copper scrolls that would cause a stir among Biblical scholars: the Dead Sea Scrolls.


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    Jun 24
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    Jul 08

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A team of archaeologists discovered a 2,000-year-old scroll in 1952 in a cave near the ruins of an ancient settlement, Qumran. It was classified as a Dead Sea Scroll, but with two distinct differences: it was made of copper and it did not contain biblical text. Instead, it gave clues to what may be the biggest hoard of treasure ever buried. A team of experts travels to the Holy Land to visit the cave where the metal scroll was discovered, investigate "ghost" inscriptions about the Colosseum, and determine if the riches were ever found.

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