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These Toxic Deep-Sea Volcanoes Harbor Life

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These Toxic Deep-Sea Volcanoes Harbor Life

Short | 02:42

Marine researchers aboard G.O. Sars set out on a mission to find life in the toxic, theoretically uninhabitable depths of underwater volcanoes, and what they discover has never been seen before.

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Designed to enter forbidding underwater worlds, the marine research vessel G.O. SARS is studying the mysteries of life on Earth's final frontier. This 250-foot ship features seven fully functional science labs, and is packed with the latest navigational equipment. The goal: to search for life amid the extreme conditions of poison-spewing subsea volcanoes and hydrothermal vents. If they succeed, they can change the way we look at the ocean. If they fail, their research and their lives could literally go down with the ship.

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