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Mississippi Inferno:

These Brave Students Broke the Color Barrier

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»Deeds of Defiance

These Brave Students Broke the Color Barrier

Short | 02:05

After racial discrimination was legally outlawed in 1964, southern public schools began to desegregate, and black students started to learn alongside white students. Now, decades later, meet the men and women who made history.

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For African-American landowners and the activists they supported, change finally came to Mississippi in the 1960s. After beatings, arrests, fire bombings, and murder, congress passed the Civil Rights Act, which outlawed racial discrimination nationwide. But the fight for constitutional rights was far from over. Danny Glover narrates the untold story of the courageous black landowners who brought change to Mississippi, leading to the Voting Rights Act, school desegregation, and, ultimately, seats in public office.

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