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The U.S. Spy Training School You've Never Heard of

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The U.S. Spy Training School You've Never Heard of

Short | 02:16

In 1941, the US needed to launch a covert operations program quickly and quietly. So the British set up a spy school for them, known as Camp X, in Canada.

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Before there was the CIA, there was the OSS, a top-secret spy agency hatched by Roosevelt and Churchill in the darkest hours of World War II. The goal: help Britain get back into occupied territory by building an army of highly trained super spies. Discover the origins of modern espionage at Camp X, the first secret agent training school in North America, and pore over the manual that served as its bible. Through declassified items and firsthand accounts, we reveal the untold stories behind the covert war in history's largest conflict.

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