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East Meets West:

The Ultimate Rococo Monument: Dolmabahce Palace

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»The Story of the Ottoman Empire

The Ultimate Rococo Monument: Dolmabahce Palace

Short | 01:27

The Dolmabahce Palace is the ultimate Rococo monument, flaunting the power of the Ottoman Empire. But lavish ornamentation comes at a high cost: the structure propelled the administration toward financial collapse.

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Excavations in southern Turkey have recently uncovered evidence of the world's first sacred temples, providing amazing insights into the birth of organized religion. In this episode, we explore man's creation of a belief system to make sense of our bewildering world. Then we'll reveal how the pantheon of pagan gods that ruled in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome were ultimately overthrown by a revolutionary idea: monotheism. Discover the story of how the belief in one God was born in the East and how it came to dominate the Western world.

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