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Air Disasters:

The Tremendous Fallout From the IFO-21 Air Crash

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»Fog of War

The Tremendous Fallout From the IFO-21 Air Crash

Short | 02:38

After 150 interviews, a 7,000 page report, and countless censures and demotions, the legacy of USAF IFO-21 is that it compelled the Air Force to fundamentally alter its safety protocols.

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The White House is rocked when a military jet carrying American politicians and distinguished visitors mysteriously vanishes in the mountains of Croatia during a storm. When the crashed plane is found, the hard questions begin: why did this specially redesigned US Air Force 737 crash? Was it simply a case of bad weather or, in a war-ravaged part of the world, was there another cause? Relive the 1996 air disaster that killed a star in the Democratic Party, Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, and put the Air Force on the defensive.

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