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The Superstitions Surrounding Apollo 13

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»Apollo 13

The Superstitions Surrounding Apollo 13

Short | 01:47

Even before everything started to go wrong, many thought that with the mission number 13 and the launch time 13:13, Apollo 13 was tempting fate.

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No one would believe the story if it hadn't actually happened. The 1970 rescue of Apollo 13 captivated the nation and the film adaptation went on to win two Oscars(r). But how close to the truth was the film? Was "Houston, we have a problem," or "Failure is not an option," ever actually said? Did hostilities between the astronauts really exist? To reveal the truth, we put the big movie moments to the test. Firsthand accounts from astronauts and Mission Control staff involved in the rescue, as well as an interview with filmmaker Ron Howard, reveal the full story.

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