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The Stunning Filming location of "The Horse Whisperer"

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The Stunning Filming location of "The Horse Whisperer"

Short | 01:59

The Horse Whisperer, shot in Montana and starring Robert Redford, tells the story of a troubled family, a troubled horse, and the horse whisperer who brings them together.


    • Thursday
    • 7:00am
    Jun 11
    • Thursday
    • 3:00am
    Jun 25

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Big skies, big adventure, and big spirits: this is Montana. It's where fertile plains collide with the Rocky Mountains and the country's fastest land mammals run the grasslands known as the American Serengeti. It's also where Lewis and Clark faced towering stone obstacles and Custer faced an even more daunting foe. This aerial journey showcases the Treasure State's mountains and milestones, its legends and landmarks, all from spectacular heights.

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