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Catching Killers:

The Sniper's Bullets

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»Smoking Guns

The Sniper's Bullets

Short | 02:53

After multiple shootings, the only evidence in the DC Sniper case are bullet fragments pulled from the victims. Luckily, scientists can use those to answer vital questions about the killer's weapon.

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One case saved a man from the electric chair and another put an end to a sniper's murderous rampage. Revisit two criminal cases where ballistic evidence played a key role in determining the fate of its suspects. First, Charles Stielow, a man sentenced to death for a 1915 murder, is absolved thanks to a pioneering investigation. Then, after a harrowing 22-day span in 2002, detectives in Washington D.C. finally crack the case of a sniper, relying on bullets taken from the victims' bodies.

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