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My Million Dollar Invention:

The Smiley Face Was Invented for Corporate America

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»The Little Guy

The Smiley Face Was Invented for Corporate America

Short | 03:36

A yellow circle with simply drawn eyes and a smile has become one of the most recognized American graphics. It was first created for an insurance company in the 1960s by artist Harvey Ball.

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They were little guys with big ideas, who started out with nothing, gave everything, and created something that changed the world, and their lives, forever. Discover the stories behind the inventions of the Lego brick, the intermittent windshield wiper, Madam C.J. Walker's hair supplies, and the smiley face. These incredible tales involve a child of slaves who defied prejudice, an engineer who fought a 30-year legal battle against the automotive industry, a designer who created a cultural icon for a $45 paycheck, and more.

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