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Mystic Britain:

The Roman Wall That Split Britain Into Two Parts

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»Hadrian's Mystic Wall

The Roman Wall That Split Britain Into Two Parts

Short | 03:29

Hadrian?s Wall was a 73 mile barrier stretching from coast to coast, splitting the warlike north of Britain from the more docile south. It was the Roman Empire?s way of imposing peace in a hostile land.


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At the start of the first millennium, the Roman Empire invaded Britain with an army that was organized and armed to the teeth with modern weapons. But they feared the ancient Brits were magical savage cannibals, and so they built a barrier that separated the docile south from these mystical northern natives: Hadrian's Wall. Visit the empire's most impressive legacy in Britain, which still stands today, and discover its surprising carvings, used to enhance Rome's performance during this epic, supernatural battle.

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