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The Rapid Threat Killing Amphibians from the Inside

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The Rapid Threat Killing Amphibians from the Inside

Short | 02:05

The chytrid fungus that threatens to wipe out all amphibian species may have been introduced into the wild when one species of frog, used to make birth control tests, was released back into the wild.

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The deadly chytrid fungus is ravaging amphibian populations worldwide, leaving behind a destructive path of incurable disease. Frog species that have survived on our planet for more than 200 million years are facing mass extinction at an alarming rate. But an ambitious new plan involving a modern day Noah's Ark, and Smithsonian biologist Brian Gratwicke, just might be a last hope for these species. Venture deep into the Panamanian jungle as scientists search for these endangered frogs and fight to bring them back from the brink of extinction.

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