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Aerial America:

The Intense War Between the Modoc Tribe and the U.S.

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»Northern California

The Intense War Between the Modoc Tribe and the U.S.

Short | 02:21

The struggle for local Native American tribes of California to hold on to their lands came to a head at Lava Beds National Monument, in 1873. There, 60 members of the Modoc tribe managed to hold off 600 U.S. soldiers.


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It's a region that has been hit by earthquakes, drought, and volcanoes, yet over the centuries, Northern California has produced an unmatched scale of achievement, thanks to the pioneering spirit of its citizens. Join us as we celebrate the northern half of the Golden State from thousands of feet in the air. We soar over natural and manmade wonders, from San Francisco's iconic landmarks to the wineries of Napa Valley. Explore the area's towering redwoods, tracing a dramatic history built on colonial settlement, gold digging, and hippie culture.

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