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Air Warriors:

The Intense Dogfight Between a U.S. Pilot and an Iraqi MiG

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The Intense Dogfight Between a U.S. Pilot and an Iraqi MiG

Short | 03:32

It's January 1991 and a USAF pilot is in trouble. An Iraqi MiG has locked on to his plane and is preparing to take him down. The next decision he makes will have to be perfect - or it could be his last.


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More About This episode

For over five decades, the Russian MiG aircraft has been American airpower's fiercest rival, taking on U.S. fighter jets in Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq. But it first took flight against a common enemy: Nazi Germany. Follow the evolution of this quick, durable, and powerful menace in the skies, from its shaky start in the Second World War to its recent and deadly incarnations. See how its ongoing battle with the U.S. for air superiority has compelled both nations to develop better tactics, training, and aircraft.

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