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Rise of the Supercarrier:

HMS Queen Elizabeth is Unlike Any Other Warship

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HMS Queen Elizabeth is Unlike Any Other Warship

Short | 01:11

HMS Queen Elizabeth is in its own unique class of aircraft carriers. For example, it?s the only warship with two islands on its deck ? one to steer the ship and the second for flight control.


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Once completed, HMS Queen Elizabeth will be the United Kingdom's largest warship, longer than three football fields and taller than Niagara Falls. But right now, she's months away from being seaworthy and battle ready. She and her crew must pass a series of grueling tests that will push the gargantuan vessel and her sailors to the breaking point. With exclusive and unprecedented access, we follow Captain Jerry Kyd and his 700 sailors as they acclimate themselves to a new life aboard Britain's first supercarrier.

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