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Million Dollar American Princesses:

The Highest-Ranking American Beauty in British Nobility

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»Wedding of the Century

The Highest-Ranking American Beauty in British Nobility

Short | 02:28

British aristocrat George Curzon primarily married American heiress Mary Leiter for her money. What he didn't anticipate was the making of the perfect political power couple.


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Marriages between the daughters of new-money Americans and a cash-strapped British aristocracy hit its stride by 1895. But these unions come at a price, financially and emotionally. While some women find true love overseas, others, like Consuelo Vanderbilt, find themselves mired in misery, loneliness and scandal. Host Elizabeth McGovern reveals how their stories inspired the hit series "Downton Abbey." Then, she explores how the daughters of America's wealthy industrialists survived, and even thrived, in their new aristocratic surroundings.

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