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The Greatest Sports Moment in Los Angeles History

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»Gehrig's Bat, Gibson's Ball

The Greatest Sports Moment in Los Angeles History

Short | 02:03

When Kirk Gibson signed with the Dodgers in 1988, fans had few reasons to be optimistic. Little did they suspect, he would take them to the World Series and make one of the most miraculous plays Los Angeles has ever seen.

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Sports Detectives Lauren Gardner and Kevin Barrows tackle both coasts in search of two pieces of baseball history: the home run ball hit by Kirk Gibson in the 1988 World Series, and a rare bat that may once have been used by Yankee legend Lou Gehrig. Follow Lauren in L.A. as she tracks a remarkable story involving an uncle and his niece who didn't follow baseball but ended up with a million dollar ball. Then join Kevin as he puts a bat to the test to see if it indeed saw game action in the hands of the Pride of the Yankees.

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