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The First Submarine to Launch Rockets from its Deck

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»Submarine Sabotage

The First Submarine to Launch Rockets from its Deck

Short | 02:18

It's June 1945 and the USS Barb has just launched an unprecedented attack on the factories of the Japanese island of Shari. It's the first time that rockets have ever been launched from a submarine.


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More About This episode

Decorated American submarine commander Eugene Fluckey, determined to go out with a bang, defies expectations and returns to USS Barb for one last patrol during WWII. On the eastern coast of Northern Japan, Fluckey and his crew push the boundaries of submarine warfare to new limits by launching rockets from their sub and landing a crew of saboteurs on Japanese land in order to destroy a coastal rail line. It's a highly aggressive and ambitious patrol that will forever change the way subs are used in battle.

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