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The Filmmaker Who Exposed Nazi Germany

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The Filmmaker Who Exposed Nazi Germany

Short | 03:46

When the Nazis hire Julien Bryan to shoot a film about German progress, he is told to avoid all anti-Semitic activities, but Bryan decides to expose the truth when he sees how Jews are being treated.

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1934. Berlin. The Nazi party is on the rise, and so are violent acts against Jews. Anti-Semitism has become a state doctrine and racism has replaced education, profoundly affecting the most vulnerable members of the Jewish community: the children. But one woman dared to stand up to hatred and to Adolf Hitler's totalitarian regime. Witness the story of Leonore Goldschmidt, a fired teacher who found a loophole in Nazi law and opened the Goldschmidt School, a sanctuary for hundreds of Jewish youths, an oasis in the heart of hell.

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