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Million Dollar American Princesses:

The Extravagant Plot to Make Grace Kelly a Princess

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»Queens of the Screen

The Extravagant Plot to Make Grace Kelly a Princess

Short | 04:01

In 1955, Rainier III, the wealthy Prince of Monaco, knew he had to find a bride to extend his family's legacy. With so few eligible Monacan women around, his spiritual adviser, a Catholic priest, suggested someone who could truly play a princess: movie star Grace Kelly.


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They were three American actresses about to take on the biggest roles of their careers, thousands of miles from Los Angeles. Join "Downton Abbey" star Elizabeth McGovern as she details how Grace Kelly, Gloria Swanson, and Rita Hayworth transformed from Hollywood royalty to part of European nobility. Unlike previous Million Dollar American Princesses, these starlets also brought unparalleled glamour and fame to the aristocracy, as well as dramatic twists and turns that would rival any one of their movies.

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