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Eight Days that Made Rome:

The Downfall of Nero's Scandalous Reign

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»The Downfall of Nero

The Downfall of Nero's Scandalous Reign

Short | 03:58

In 68 AD, Galba, the governor of Spain rose up in revolt against the reign of Nero, and commanded his vast armies to march on Rome. Nero pinned his last hopes on an elite force of warriors: The Praetorian Guard.

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It's 54 A.D. and Nero just succeeded his stepfather Claudius to become the fifth emperor of Rome. What followed was 14 years of cruel behavior that would unite the empire against Nero and, on June 9, 68 A.D., bring a violent end to his rule. Host Bettany Hughes travels the Roman world and examines ancient artifacts to reveal new insights into the most notorious reign in the empire's history. Witness key events in Nero's life that ultimately plunged Rome into a dangerous new phase of its history, an era of civil wars and military coups.

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