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The Devastation Caused by the 2018 Fuego Eruption

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The Devastation Caused by the 2018 Fuego Eruption

Short | 02:58

The eruption of Fuego on June 3, 2018 is one of the darkest events in the history of Guatemala. It left heartbreaking scenes in its wake, as survivors began a frantic search for family and friends.


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In 2018, two volcanoes unleashed terror on their communities, but in very different ways. Fuego, the Volcano of Fire in Guatemala, sent boiling clouds of gas, ash, and rock down the volcano's slopes and into villages, killing hundreds. In Hawaii, Kilauea spewed out over four billion cubic feet of lava, razing estates, destroying roads, and changing the landscape. Using the latest scientific evidence, we explore what made the eruptions unique, why they were so hard to predict, and whether or not these two catastrophes were somehow connected.

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