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The Challenges of Unpacking a WWII Spitfire

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»Spectacular Spitfire

The Challenges of Unpacking a WWII Spitfire

Short | 03:59

The Spitfire transport team is relieved their disassembled plane has made it safely across the Atlantic. But now comes the tricky part: getting the plane parts out, as carefully as possible.

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A vintage aircraft collector's childhood dream of flying a British Supermarine Spitfire is about to come true. After spending $2.5 million buying and restoring the iconic WWII fighter, the next challenge is getting it over the Atlantic to its new home in Maryland. The plane can't carry enough fuel to fly to the U.S., so a team of engineers must dismantle the classic aircraft, ensure it survives a 4,000-mile voyage, then reconstruct it to make it airworthy once more.

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