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Tales From Zambia:

The Best Time for a Male Vervet to Join a Troop

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»The Woodland Troop

The Best Time for a Male Vervet to Join a Troop

Short | 02:17

A new male has picked the wrong time to join a local troop of vervet monkeys. He?s hoping to be accepted within their ranks ? but it?s up to the alpha to make the final call.

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Spend a season with the Woodland Troop, a group of thirty vervets, Africa's smallest and lightest monkeys. At the center of this troop, two young monkeys are facing the toughest time of their lives. With their mothers tending to new babies, these juveniles are on their own for the very first time. Watch as they learn to feed themselves, distinguish friend from foe, and make their place in the world. While they might have lost their mothers' attention, they've gained something a lot more important: freedom.

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