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Apollo's Moon Shot:

The Apollo 13 Rescue Operation Was a Tense Affair

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»Brink of Disaster

The Apollo 13 Rescue Operation Was a Tense Affair

Short | 03:38

Apollo 13 was in trouble. The crew was forced to evacuate the damaged command module and crowd into the smaller lunar module. But they now faced another problem: a depleting oxygen supply.


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    Jun 03
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The world celebrated the first moon landing in July 1969. After the success of Apollo 11, NASA dreams up new missions, each more ambitious than the last. But a series of budget cuts, waning public interest, and two near-disasters put the future of the space program in jeopardy. Through archival footage, interviews, and objects inside Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum, revisit the Apollo 12 computer crash and the Apollo 13 mid-space explosion.

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