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Million Dollar American Princesses:

The Affair that Financially Ruined Gloria Swanson

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»Queens of the Screen

The Affair that Financially Ruined Gloria Swanson

Short | 04:32

In 1927, Joe Kennedy teamed up with silent film star Gloria Swanson to produce films together. Within three years, he'd broken up her marriage, abandoned their shared business, and ruined her financially.


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They were three American actresses about to take on the biggest roles of their careers, thousands of miles from Los Angeles. Join "Downton Abbey" star Elizabeth McGovern as she details how Grace Kelly, Gloria Swanson, and Rita Hayworth transformed from Hollywood royalty to part of European nobility. Unlike previous Million Dollar American Princesses, these starlets also brought unparalleled glamour and fame to the aristocracy, as well as dramatic twists and turns that would rival any one of their movies.

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