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America in Color:

Prohibition Inspired a New Generation of Rebellious Women

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»The 1920s

Prohibition Inspired a New Generation of Rebellious Women

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One of the social side effects of Prohibition was it inspired many women to break out and challenge the conservative norms of society. These women were dubbed 'Flappers.'

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The 1920s was a decade of unprecedented change for America. Soldiers returned from war. Well-paid jobs were plentiful. Women cast aside "proper behavior," and the Jazz Age erupted. It was an era of vibrant times and colorful characters, but for nearly a century, many have only seen it in black and white, until now. For the first time, we present the Roaring '20s in color, from Ford's assembly line to Charles Lindbergh's transatlantic flight and from speakeasies to New York's Wall Street, before and after the crash.

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