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America in Color:

The 1919 World Series Fix that Tarnished America's Pastime

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»Organized Crime

The 1919 World Series Fix that Tarnished America's Pastime

Short | 03:20

The Chicago White Sox were heavy favorites going into the 1919 World Series. But they were defeated by the Cincinnati Reds - and it soon became clear that the game was rigged.


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    Mar 19
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    Mar 19
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    Mar 20

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It's the 1920s. America is on the rise, and so is a dark underworld run by a new kind of criminal, one that is organized, sophisticated, and ruthless. For the next 40 years, legendary gangsters like Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, and Frank Costello build vast empires thanks to bootlegging, illegal gambling, and shady alliances with politicians. Follow the violent rise and fall of organized crime, presented in color for the first time through remastered archival footage and never-before-broadcast home movies.

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