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Surviving a Turbulent Crash Landing on the SFO Runway

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»Terror in San Francisco

Surviving a Turbulent Crash Landing on the SFO Runway

Short | 03:19

It's the morning of July 6, 2013, and an overnight flight from South Korea is preparing to land in San Francisco. One passenger looking out of the window notices something strange--seconds later, an alarm sounds in the cockpit.


    • Thursday
    • 6:00pm
    Jul 09
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    • 4:00pm
    Jul 18
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    • 12:00pm
    Jul 24

More About This episode

It's July 6th, 2013, and Asiana Airlines Flight 214 nears the end of an overnight trip from Seoul to San Francisco. It's a perfect day for flying, but as the pilots prepare for landing, something goes horribly wrong. The aircraft comes in too low and slams into the seawall at the edge of the runway before careening across the tarmac. Eyewitness videos capture the dramatic scene as hundreds of passengers appear from the smoking fuselage. Join the investigation as air safety experts attempt to figure out what exactly doomed the Boeing 777.

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