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Tense: A C-17's Dicey Mid-Air Refuel in Bad Weather

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Tense: A C-17's Dicey Mid-Air Refuel in Bad Weather

Short | 01:38

A C-17 carries a wounded soldier from Iraq to the U.S. for treatment. To save time, they attempt a mid-air refuel -- but a massive weather system over the U.K. is jeopardizing their chances of success.


    • Tuesday
    • 10:00am
    Aug 27
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    • 2:00pm
    Sep 07
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    Sep 25

More About This episode

The C-17 Globemaster III is the Air Force's favorite heavy hauler, a flying warehouse that has stood tall against the mightiest of enemies for decades. Strangely, some of its toughest battles were fought right in America, where critics in Congress nearly scrapped the big gray beast before it even left the ground. This is the story of how the C-17 flew through all opposition to prove it could pull its weight in any situation, as told by the men and women who flew the "Moose" into and out of danger in Eastern Europe, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

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