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David Attenborough's Conquest of the Skies:

Stunning Time-Lapse of a Dragonfly Growing Wings

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»The First to Fly

Stunning Time-Lapse of a Dragonfly Growing Wings

Short | 01:57

A dragonfly larva emerges from the water with four distinctive lumps on its back. These lumps will turn into the most powerful wings in the insect kingdom. Watch the transformation unfold before your eyes.


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Join world-renowned naturalist David Attenborough, as he spans the globe to track the extraordinary evolution of Earth's first flying creatures: insects. It's a journey into an unexpectedly advanced world, where dragonflies use their four wings to deadly effect and butterflies make some of the longest migrations on the planet. Through stunning up-close, slow motion footage and high-tech forensics, we tell their remarkable story, over 320 million years in the making.

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