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Will This Active Glacier Fall Apart?

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»Stella Australis

Will This Active Glacier Fall Apart?

Short | 01:45

Sightseers watch Pia Glacier, hoping to see a piece of ice break apart and crash into the freezing water. Just as patience begins to wear thin, the glacier starts to rumble, and then suddenly, it moves...


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Stella Australis is part luxury liner and part expedition ship, whisking passengers to the most remote areas of South America for one-of-a-kind encounters. Join the adventure as she visits sub-polar forests, vast glaciers, and areas so remote you wouldn't believe they actually exist. Providing matchless experiences means overcoming challenges, from handling Cape Horn's notorious Drake Passage to changing the itinerary at nature's command. The captain and crew will need a steady hand, and a good dose of creativity, to ensure a successful voyage.

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