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WWII's Most Daring Raids:

Stealing Hitler's Radar

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»Stealing Hitler's Radar

WWII's Most Daring Raids: Stealing Hitler's Radar

Full Episode | 46:00

It's 1942 and British paratroopers are about to attempt an airborne raid into enemy-occupied territory to capture a German radar system. Witness a minute-by-minute account of the operation and the heroes who risked everything to carry it out.

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The code name is Operation Biting, a planned British raid on Bruneval, in Nazi-occupied Northern France. The mission is to drop paratroopers behind enemy lines and capture a powerful German radar system, but there is an even greater goal to be achieved: show Hitler that they still have plenty of fight in them. But what the brave men of C Company are about to do has never been attempted before, and pulling it off will require sneaking past the very radar they are trying to capture.

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