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The Hunt for Eagle 56:

Searching for a Mystery Wreck That Sank in 1945

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Searching for a Mystery Wreck That Sank in 1945

Short | 03:39

A team of shipwreck hunters set their sights on one of the most elusive wrecks in the history of WWII: Eagle 56, which went down off the coast of New England, a few weeks before the end of the war.


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The sinking of the U.S. Navy warship Eagle 56 off the New England coast in April 1945 has long been a mystery. The Navy's official report concluded it was a mechanical failure, while others pointed to a startling killer: a Nazi U-boat hunting within sight of American shores. For the last four years, a team of civilian investigators has been trying to solve this 75-year-old whodunit. Now, aided by another amateur sleuth, they've found evidence that could finally solve this cold case and rewrite history.

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