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Red Fox Hilariously Pounces Headfirst Into Snow

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Red Fox Hilariously Pounces Headfirst Into Snow

Short | 03:12

Like most foxes, red foxes hunt mice and voles, which they detect through the snow, thanks to an advanced hearing ability. Once a red fox pinpoints its prey?s location, it leaps high into the air and nosedives in.


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Six million years ago, members of the canine family ventured from their American homeland to colonize vast expanses of Asia and Africa. In order to survive the open savannahs, inhospitable deserts, snowy tundra, and thick forests, they had to adapt their behaviors and push their bodies to extremes. Join biologist Patrick Aryee on this intercontinental exploration from northern China to the Skeleton Coast as he comes face-to-face with snow-diving red foxes, egg-stealing raccoon dogs, and seal-eating jackals.

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