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The Pacific War in Color:

Rare Vintage Footage Captures Innocence of Pre-War Hawaii

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»An Ocean Apart

Rare Vintage Footage Captures Innocence of Pre-War Hawaii

Short | 02:27

In a remarkable series of color films capturing pre-war Hawaii, an idyllic paradise is revealed. A few short years later, that illusion of paradise would be shattered by the attack on Pearl Harbor.


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    Oct 22
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    Nov 02
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    Nov 20

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The Pacific Ocean is also known as "The Peaceful Sea," and color footage of some of its remote American outposts taken in the late-1930s captures a world of fun and sun. But a wave of war will soon replace these serene scenes with images of cataclysmic horror. Through rarely seen color home movies and combat footage, we detail Japan's violent blitz of the Pacific--from its raid on China to its attacks on Pearl Harbor and Australia--and show how America's military raced to ready itself for battle.

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