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Princess Diana?s Unhappiness Extends Beyond her Marriage

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Princess Diana?s Unhappiness Extends Beyond her Marriage

Short | 02:33

It didn?t take long for Diana?s marriage to Prince Charles to fall apart ? and things weren?t much better at her father?s house, where her stepmother Raine had begun to sell off some of her favorite art pieces.


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Raine, Countess Spencer. For years, Princess Diana looked at her as the wicked stepmother who stole the affections of her father and brought chaos to her ancestral family home. However, it would be "Acid Raine" who Diana turned to when her marriage to Prince Charles went into free fall. What caused this change of heart and what new insights does it reveal about the shy, guarded princess? Through archival footage and interviews with family friends and confidantes, we explore this little-known part of Diana's story.

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