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The Wild Andes:

Adorable Puma Cubs Explore the Wild for the First Time

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»Patagonia Untamed

Adorable Puma Cubs Explore the Wild for the First Time

Short | 01:57

A puma lets her three kittens run through the scrub in the Torres Del Paine region of Patagonia. It's their first excursion out of the den - they're too young to hunt, but they're ready to explore their new world.


    • Tuesday
    • 8:00am
    Dec 25
    • Thursday
    • 10:00am
    Jan 03

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At the southern end of the Andes, in the remote reaches of Patagonia, everything must adapt to constant upheaval, invasion, and explosive change. Cold winds swirl around the Torres del Paine, while one of the most southerly rainforests in the world bursts with natural treasures. See how the Andes' wild and untamed creatures like pumas, frogs, beavers, and more navigate a world of active volcanoes, ice fields, and prehistoric trees.

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