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Paratroopers Experience First Parachute Jump from A400M

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»Airbus A400M

Paratroopers Experience First Parachute Jump from A400M

Short | 02:39

The Airbus A400M is capable of carrying up to 116 paratroopers at one time - that's more than any other western-built transport plane. Today, it's carrying Dutch and German paratroopers on a joint exercise.


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    Aug 26
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    Aug 27
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The Luftwaffe's A400M Atlas is able to move massive cargo, provide medical support, and bring the fight to the enemy. Enter its manufacturing facility in Seville, Spain to get an inside look at how this state-of-the-art aircraft is built for action. Whether transporting a three-ton tactical helicopter, whisking away paratroopers on a dangerous training mission in the German countryside, or delivering live cargo to Italy, the A400M is the future of military transport.

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