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This Plane Was about to Crash. Why Didn't It?

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»Panic Over the Pacific

This Plane Was about to Crash. Why Didn't It?

Short | 03:55

Nearing Los Angeles, China Airlines Flight 006 nosedives toward the Pacific as one of its engines fail. Miraculously, the plane recovers just in the nick of time. What saved it?


    • Sunday
    • 12:00am
    Nov 18
    • Tuesday
    • 8:00pm
    Nov 20
    • Tuesday
    • 11:00pm
    Nov 20

More About This episode

It was a masterpiece of flying, a race against time to right an out-of-control Boeing 747 before it spirals into the Pacific Ocean. The crew somehow made a miraculous recovery and safely landed their aircraft. The plane's captain was instantly hailed as a hero. Investigators piecing together the events of the near disaster, however, tell a different story. Relive the harrowing six-mile plummet of China Airlines Flight 006 and the findings of the NTSB examination that revealed the effects jet lag and lack of sleep can have on pilots.

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