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Aerial America:

How a Giant Lazy River of Grass Became the Everglades

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»On the Water

How a Giant Lazy River of Grass Became the Everglades

Short | 01:04

The Florida Everglades are home to a patchwork of ecosystems in a constant state of change--so much so, they look different from one year to the next. Here's how this magnificent floating landscape came to be.


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    Oct 04
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More About This episode

Water is a resource, a recreation, and a requirement for life itself. It is also a sight to behold, whether it's the product of millions of years of geological evolution or a remarkable feat of modern engineering. This aerial excursion whisks you above America's massive lakes, powerful rivers, mind-boggling glaciers, and shape-shifting wetlands as well as its man-made dams and canals. See how our interaction with water has shaped our nation's landscape and its history, and how its importance continues to ripple from coast to coast.

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